Automotive embedded software: Exhaustive bug detection for ISO 26262, ISO 21434, SOTIF

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Enhanced safety features like autonomous emergency braking (AEB) are now becoming standard features in most markets on mid-range to premium vehicles, and safety agencies (NCAP and NHTSA) push automobile manufacturers to work to comply with safety standards. 

Safety-first designed vehicles have become a priority for consumers in their decisionmaking. 

You need a tool that gives you the guarantee your product properly meets the standards of the market. 

How to mathematically guarantee your product's safety and security?

With tens of millions of lines of code in automotive software, there is more than ever a need to secure software at the source code level.

To satisfy your customers, you need to prove to them that they can trust your vehicle and the ever-increasing software it depends on.

TrustInSoft Analyzer detects and helps you find any vulnerability persisting in your code, and provides you with a mathematical guarantee of the absence of vulnerabilities once the code is corrected.

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you to

Improve Code Correctness for Compliance​

Thanks to TrustInSoft Analyzer, achieve high quality software by verifying your code is free of undefined behavior, which makes easier to meet compliance with the stringent ISO 26262 safety standard.

With TrustInSoft Analyzer, you can design with security considerations from the start. Get ready for the new ISO 21434 road vehicles cybersecurity standard by detecting weaknesses that could compromise security of autonomous vehicles earlier in the development process.

Exhaustively detect bugs and locate their root cause

Shift into a higher gear by starting to use the power of mathematics to extend software tests to find more bugs.

Exhaustively detect bugs on C++ navigation software to ensure autonomous vehicles are failure-free and cybersecured.

Thanks to our mathematical formal methods approach, you’ll be able to detect flaws on critical C-embedded software that other static analyzers were not able to find.

Reinforce cybersecurity

As Bluetooth, cellular, or Wifi connectivity in today’s vehicles is increasing,  the risk of cyberattacks has risen.

With TrustInSoft Analyzer, put cybersecurity engineering in the center of your development process and detect flaws earlier in electronic systems, components, and software in the vehicle that might be exploited in cyberattacks. 

Cut down on verification costs

Design and implementation software validation expenses have risen significantly since ISO 26262 went into effect.

With safety concerns and considerable investment to achieving fully safe and secure autonomous vehicles, TrustInSoft’s technology provides key functions that will help you to cost-effectively pursue ISO 26262 compliance and obtain software safety guarantees.

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows you to comprehensively analyze code and find bugs and their root cause, freeing up time for other code development.

Is your vehicle's software proven secure?

With tens of millions of lines of code responsible for the proper functioning of your vehicle, nothing can replace the power of a mathematical guarantee of defect-free code.

Here are just some of the software systems to take into consideration when proving to your customers that your vehicle is the one they can trust!

Discover our client testimonial with EasyMile, a French autonomous vehicles start-up

“At EasyMile, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have for designing safe and secure autonomous vehicles. Part of this relies on making sure that the code base is bug-free and devoid of flaws used for several types of cyberattacks. TrustInSoft’s solution is an obvious answer because it greatly increases the confidence in our code by providing necessary proofs."
Alexandre Hamez
Tech Lead @ EasyMile

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