Industrial IoT firmware and drivers safety, security, and reliability

Industrial IoT is profoundly changing the face of manufacturing plants by adding heavy computerization and automation layers on top of factory operations.

Combining smart sensors, connectivity, advanced robotics, predictive maintenance, and other new manufacturing techniques, it is heavily relying on software.

As software size and complexity is growing exponentially to support the Industry 4.0, it is more than ever essential to ensure software security, safety and robustness.

Why mathematically guarantee the absence of bugs in your industrial IoT firmware & drivers?

75 billion IoT devices will be in use globally by 2025, according to the NIST.

With the profound impact these devices will have on our society and business as we know it, it’s important now more than ever to take software security into consideration.

TrustInSoft Analyzer can help you to achieve the absence of vulnerabilities to make your industrial IoT devices safe for use and protected against cyberattacks.

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you to

Improve operations uptime

Using TrustInSoft Analyzer to reach industry standards ensures high-quality software without defects that can lead to interrupted operations and generate heavy losses.

Guaranteeing the absence of families of undefined behaviors is the most challenging part to complying with coding standards. 

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows for exhaustive undefined behavior detection in software code and is able to provide a formal proof that the software functioning matches specifications.

Enhance firmware protection against cyberattacks

As software grows in complexity and criticality, cyberattacks are heavily impacting  operations. Data leakage and ransomware for example are taking a heavy toll on enterprises.

As most cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities or 0-days in software, it is more than ever essential to ensure no exposed vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows or memory leakage are present in the code.

With its mathematical guarantee, TrustInSoft Analyzer makes industrial software rock-solid and drastically reduces the cyberattack surface on software.

Achieve faster time-to-market

We know bug-free code is hard to get. Code quality is an everyday challenge that needs dedicated verification and validation processes.

As code complexity grows exponentially, TrustInSoft Analyzer helps developers to better understand their code, identify bugs, and find their root location.

As bug correction time is shorter, code is delivered with a faster time-to-market with strong robustness.

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