TrustInSoft Analyzer: the most advanced C and C++ source code analyzer

Combining the benefits of static and dynamic source code analyzers to deliver the most advanced & exhaustive code verification tool

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TrustInSoft Analyzer provides all the necessary tools to locate the root cause of bugs

Your source code is guaranteed immune from major C/C++ language vulnerabilities

Buffer overflow

Invalid pointer usage

Division by zero

Non-initialized memory access

Dangling pointer

Arithmetic overflow

NaN in float computation

Overflow in float-to-int conversion

Finding bugs is one thing. Locating the root cause is another.

Value analysis

Developers can use TrustInSoft Analyzer to visualize all variable values at every step of the execution path and navigate back and forth along the execution, giving developers a mathematical debugger to observe their program.

Root cause location

TrustInSoft Analyzer indicates all statements defining the contents of the memory to which the selected variable leftvalue point to, allowing developers to get to the bug’s root origin

Analysis report

TrustInSoft Analyzer gives a synthetic view on results, bugs found and coverage.

Safe and secure C/C++ code in industrial environments

Helps reach industry standards

Identify and correct all undefined behaviors to fulfill the most difficult-to-achieve industrial standards requirements. The analyzer helps reach standards such as CERT-C, ISO26262, DO178C, IEC61508, EN50128 or CEI60880 etc.

Compatible with all popular target platforms

Analyze the behavior of your software on all hardware target platforms. Supported platforms include ARM, X86, PPC, MIPS variants with the possibility to easily add new platforms.

Mathematical guarantee on the absence of items of Common Weakness Enumeration™

Guarantee the absence of CWE vulnerabilities, including CWE-369 Divide by Zero, CWE-125 out-of-bounds read etc. 

Flexible deployment models for developer processes

Integrated with DevOps processes

TrustInSoft Analyzer easily integrates with any DevOps or DevSecOps process to automate analysis actions.

Deploy anywhere

The analyzer can be deployed and used in any configuration, including local workstations or local and remote Cloud for immediate setup and productivity.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

TrustInSoft Analyzer is available through a command-line interface for easy integration with any CI/CD platform.

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