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At TrustInSoft, we help build a safer, more secure world for others. A career is not just about getting a job: we are here to work with innovators, dedicated learners, movers, and leader. We are looking for candidates who have bilingual profiles (English mandatory + French bonus) that are also curious and passionate, energetic, diverse, open-minded, and who want to make a difference in the world and in the industry. TrustInSoft enjoys working with international profiles, to gain diverse perspectives. We seek dynamic profiles full of ideas who seek to revolutionize the world of software development. Learn more about TrustInSoft!

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TrustInSoft is editing a formal verification tool for C/C++ programs called TrustInSoft Analyzer.

TrustInSoft is looking for an engineer that can participate in the design and implementation of its analyzer. More precisely, the candidate will contribute to the development of a Java plugin for TrustInSoft Analyzer. Implementation will be done in OCaml.

Expected skills:

  • Experience and/or education in formal methods and/or compilers.
  • Programming experience in OCaml or other functional programming language.
  • Ability to communicate in English.
  • Knowledge of Java.

TrustInSoft is looking for a C and C++ guru.

Her/his main job is to perform analysis of any kind of C and C++ source code for the users of TrustInSoft Analyzer for proof-of-concept or to help initial setup.

Missions are on the customer premises (usually 2 to 5 days) or at the HQ for in-house analyses.

Current customers are in the US, China and Europe but the list is not limitative.

No need for a formal verification background: initial training is provided, you must be able to read, understand and explain the C and C++ ISO standards.

Preferred experience

The ideal candidate is expected to be an experimented C and/or C++ developer with strong analysis and pedagogical skills.

She/he has a development experience of/on embedded platforms, networking, OS, hypervisor, driver, firmware, libraries, safety and/or security standards.

All written communication is in English and most of our customers speak English.

Other foreign languages is a plus.

Loving C and C++ programming is must: you will get the opportunity to share your passion all over the world.

TrustInSoft is looking for an engineer that can participate in the design and implementation of the UI and UX of its innovative C and C++ formal verification products. The perfect candidate is able to understand the core features of the highly technical products developed by TrustInSoft and to understand how customers and users deploy and use it. Based on this understanding, the candidate will specify and implement fixes, improvements and new features of the on-premises and SaaS UIs using a combination of Js_of_ocaml, CSS and HTML for the front-end as well as OCaml for the backend.

Preferred experience: 

The candidate shall have a strong enthusiasm, knowledge and experience in

  • Development using Js_of_ocaml
  • HTML and CSS modern features
  • UI and UX design
  • Working within highly demanding teams focused on delivering the best product.

The following competencies will make the candidate shine among the others:

  • Development of large applications in OCaml
  • Web application testing techniques
  • C/C++ semantics
  • Engineering of C/C++ development
  • Jira and Gitlab usage
  • SaaS product development

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