Telecommunications: safe and secure embedded software

Secure the information

As new-generation telecommunications networks are rolling out, massively improving network capacity, increasing bandwidth and lower latencies, software is more than ever at the heart of modern communication networks. 

With Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN), networks become more flexible, robust and easy-to-manage, enabling new use cases in smart grids, intelligent cities or the Industry 4.0.

As software is growing in complexity and criticality, it is more than ever essential to ensure robustness against cyberthreats and defects. TrustInSoft Analyzer provides telco equipment vendors with an all-in-one software analysis tool to identify and secure all vulnerabilities in the source code.

Why mathematically guarantee the absence of bugs in your telecom software?

90% of cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities in the software, which includes 0-days and other vulnerabilities that go unnoticed in the source code.

TrustInSoft Analyzer provides you and your team with the insight needed to correct these errors at their root cause.  It allows to identify all coding errors, including those not visible using only traditional testing tools (unit and integration tests, sanitizers, fuzzers, etc.)

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you to

Improve service and SLA uptime

Network operators have to deliver strong and reliable connectivity services to demanding B2C or B2B customers. 

With the software growing in complexity, it can be challenging to have a complete overview and understanding of what is really happening in the software’s source code.

TrustInSoft Analyzer provides an “X-Ray view” of the code that helps the developer to understand what is precisely going on at all steps of the program execution.  Better understanding of the code allows to write better code and avoid bugs that can lead to program misbehaviors.

Enhance software protection against cyberattacks

As software grows in complexity and criticality, cyberattacks are heavily impacting  operations. Data leakage and ransomware for example are taking a heavy toll on enterprises. As most cyberattacks exploit vulnerabilities or 0-days in software, it is more than ever essential to ensure no exposed vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows or memory leakage are present in the code. With its mathematical guarantee, TrustInSoft Analyzer makes industrial software rock-solid and drastically reduces the cyberattack surface on software.

Enhance code quality

Using TrustInSoft Analyzer to reach coding standards such as MISRA-C or CERT-C ensures high-quality software without defects that can lead to interrupted operations and generate heavy losses.

Guaranteeing the absence of families of undefined behaviors is the most challenging part to complying with coding standards. 

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows for exhaustive undefined behavior detection in software code and is able to provide a formal proof that the software functioning matches  specifications.

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