Aerospace software testing tools : Exhaustive bug detection for DO-178C

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The aerospace industry requires a high level of precision, given the critical nature of its operations, in the commercial sphere and beyond. The same rigor is expected in the embedded software that modern aircraft increasingly depends on, in order to avoid hazards and security issues.

Today more than ever, increased connectivity between multiple information systems is quickly changing the aerospace domain and with it, challenges to secure aircraft systems not only from a safety point of view but also from a cybersecurity point of view.

How to mathematically guarantee
the absence of defects

in your code for maximum aircraft reliability?

Preventing vulnerabilities in your code is of the highest importance for you, and for us. 

With total lines of code growing exponentially and embedded systems becoming increasingly complex, developing defect-free aerospace systems requires tools with the highest degree of precision.

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows you to verify the absence of code defects using a rigorous formal methods approach, so that you can finally trust that your code is proven secure. 

TrustInSoft Analyzer helps you to

Improve code correctness for compliance with industry norms

Using TrustInSoft Analyzer makes it easier to achieve compliance with DO-178C, DO-333, ED-216, ED-12C, and more.  Learn more about how here.

Certifying safety critical software requires a level of precision set out by the Airworthiness Authorities.

By verifying the absence of undefined behaviors in the source code, TrustInSoft Analyzer can help achieve safety objectives for software of any safety criticality level.

Exhaustively detect bugs and locate their root cause

TrustInSoft Analyzer allows for exhaustive bug detection to ensure aircraft is failure-free and cybersecure. 

It detects bugs that other static analyzers simply cannot identify thanks to its exhaustive, mathematical approach to discovering undefined behaviors that slip under the radar with traditional testing tools.

Adjust your level of mathematical guarantee to achieve the right level of security for each safety critical software.

Integrate the tool with your own development process

TrustInSoft Analyzer easily integrates with the development process for a seamless complement to the testing tools already in place.

Instead, code can be verified directly during the CI/CD phase, so that you can always update software knowing the source code is secure and fulfills safety objectives.

See how TrustInSoft Analyzer made a difference for Dassault Aviation

"TIS founders have an expertise in nuclear and aeronautics application formal verification, and now in cybersecurity. They designed the TrustInSoft Analyzer tool in such a way to ease the preliminary analysis steps, helping developers detect potential safety and security holes on nx10K to nx100K LoC software. Thanks to a user interface focused on most critical locations, rather than on analysis artefacts, formal analysis results interpretation and diagnostic are given more optimal for verifiers. At least, it helps developers sort and carry out further specific investigations, which is highly beneficial."
Bruno Stoufflet
CTO of Dassault Aviation

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